We aspire to…

  • Create a soulful approach to living one home and garden at a time.
  • Provide products that inspire and delight the inner Wild Woman.
  • Craft and build a lifestyle that supports a connection to family, friends, and Nature.
  • Establish and support habitat for delicate, life-giving creatures such as honeybees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and frogs.
  • Offer ideas, inspiration and tangible items to renew and refresh souls in this crazy journey we call Life.


The Wild Woman Philosophy

  • Love each other, ourselves and the beautiful gift of Life.
  • Creativity is essential to us all, is available in many forms, express yourself fearlessly!
  • Connection to family, friends, and Nature provide much needed grounding.
  • Peace of mind, Peace in your heart, Peace for all mankind.
  • Give Thanks every day for every little thing!