What Grows…

Three new pieces in the series “What Grows…”. What grows in the garden of your mind? Is it thoughts and feelings that you want to cultivate? Or is it frustration and anger? Whatever it is, you have a choice in what you think about. It may seem like your mind is a runaway train, I get that, but you can take control. Grow Peace, Love or Imagination. Mixed media $125 each.

Digital Floral Illustration

I loved drawing these flowers! They were drawn on my iPad pro using Affinity Designer. The digital aspect of being and artist and designer is so much fun and uses a new tool for creativity.

My Cup Overflows…

My Cup Overflows with Love. Mixed Media piece made as a reminder of how much good is in our lives right now. Our cups really DO overflow with love, abundance and joy…if we look for it.

I love making mixed media pieces! And I love creating work that uses a play on words. The hearts are cast, carved and painted plaster, painted canvas leaves with a little glitter of course, set in plaster in the cup. $45

Love or Angst

Love or Angst – your choice. It is a choice! We get to choose what we focus on and think about. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the good thoughts but trying to find a better thought will help us move to a place of love. Honestly, love is all there is.

I wanted to make a simple poster utilizing just two colors and typography to make my message clear. Inspired by the work of Luba Lukova.

What Grows…

What Grows… Mixed Media

I’m working on a series of these in which they all pose the question, What Grows? What grows in the garden of your mind? Is it fertile ground for wonderful ideas and vibes or is it a barren hot mess of negativity?