Big B

Meet Bernard. BIG sweetheart! This is my second rescue dog. When I decided it was time for another dog as my sweet Lab Cassie was beginning to slow down, I went to my local shelter. Looking through their website I found this guy, he was in the Lonely Hearts Club. I’m assuming that meant that he was soon to be euthanized. I went to the shelter and as I was walking through they were opening the kennels and he bolted to the back, I missed him the first time through. After seeing many sweet dogs I went to the front desk and asked about him, the receptionist’s eyes lit up. Bernard and I were put in a room together and the poor guy wouldn’t even look at me, maybe a sideways glance. This sweet boy was so scared. So I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. When I picked him up and put him in my truck the further away we got from the shelter the closer he came to me. Rescue dogs are the sweetest, they KNOW how good they’ve got it now that you took them home. They get it.

I love this photo of him.